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If, like me, you have been looking for greater meaning to your life, or you have questions you would like answered, or even experiences you would like explained, then let’s journey together a while and see if we can make sense of it all. You see, we are not alone in this life; something our ancestors knew and lived by. We are part of a living breathing, sentient planet, we are a part of all those who have gone before us, and we are influenced by the energies that emit from the source of all we see and sense in our Universe. I refer to the latter as ‘Origin’, and interact with this energy instinctively. Get in touch and lets get you on the path to benefiting from the guidance, wisdoms and experiences of your very own spiritual heritage…

My name is Mathew Tyler and I was born in Australia, where I am also based. For most of my adult life I have been in the fortunate position to experience the wonders of the great teachings beyond our daily comprehension and this has helped me to get a better sense of who I am and my part in everything else around me. These pearls of wisdom have helped me during times of great loss, separation, in my working life within the corporate world, and still continue to assist in my role as a father today. This profound connection has taken me around the world to a myriad of wonderful places and to meet some amazing people, whilst tapping into some incredible energies. All of this I would like to share with you in order that you too can make those connections and get the most from your time on this incredible planet we all call home.


Many indegenious cultures refer to that which we cannot see or fully uinderstand as ‘the Great Mystery’; the workings behind everything in the Universe. Yet in our modern age we are beginning to comprehend, if not who or what is orchestrating it all, at least that we are all a part of it. We can, now more than ever affect out surroundings and determine the life we lead. All we need do is open ourselves to this connection and tap back into the energy of life itself. The first step for many is Nature; a place of healing, order and rejuvenation. For others its communication; expressing again how we feel, what we would like to see happen, and listening to those around us properley. And for some others, like myself, it’s an internal, spiritual reconnection; with loved ones now passed, ancestors, guides, your own higher consciousness or a collective higher consciousness.   

Origin is the name of the guidance that has been offered to me. When I see ‘him’, he appears to me as an Australian Aboriginal man – no wings, flaming sword, or special powers, but one who has lived and expereinced all that life has to offer and now wants to help me understand my journey. From time to time I have sensed other individual energies who each offer their own unique insights. At all times this connection has been positive and nurturing, never threatening. This connection is not unique to me, however. We all have guides waiting to help, reassure and clarify. Together, you and I and Origin and your guides can make a positive difference in your daily life and demostrate to true beauty of what it is to be a spiritual being having a human expereince in this most complex and demanding of times.



My Services

As a channel, empath and spiritual confidant, you might think I offer you a glimpse into the future through some mystical crystal ball, or that in some sort of trance-like state, I would speak to you in tongues of passed family members… No, it’s nothing so complicated. My aim is simply to facilitate your own, unique connection with those energies that are ready to help you. You may call them Spirit, Universal Oneness, your Higher-self or perhaps, if you are of a religious persuasion, God. But really it is just getting you back in touch with what you once knew and were able to do naturally.

With the loving guidance of Spirit (Origin), I offer the opportunity for you to open to your inner-self and explore the purpose of your all-important life path. This comes in the form of a trusted mentorship which can be on a week-by-week or monthly basis, as your Spiritual Confidant, supporting every step you take along your journey. With Origin’s guidance, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to your self-growth, not to mention making a significant impact to those special people who will benefit from observing and benefiting from your gifted life. If you are seeking rejuvenation on a one-off basis or ongoing, I also provide Reiki Healing, Reconnective Healing and tips for Meditation.

Books & Oracle Cards

Everything seems to come with a guide or manual to operate it…everything that is, except life itself. Given life’s inventions are usually born of necessity; your life has been designed for a purpose of some importance as well. You may not know what importance your life represents, however here you are asking, ‘Where are my instructions?’ The ‘Book of real Life’ could be just the answer. This manual was channeled through me by a collective of ancestors and higher vibrations working with the source of all life. But unlike many such works, it is in a totally practical, down-to-earth format. There are only a handful of copies in circulation today, so if you would like a taster then please email me and I will send you a free-of-charge excerpt by way of the ‘Empower Yourself’ PDF.
At a time when we seem to be losing our way it feels prudent and necessary to look to those who have managed to live as one with our amazing planet for millennia. The stunning Aboriginal ‘Walkabout’ Oracle Cards is a unique collection of ancient wisdom for the modern age that pools the experiences and power of the land, the people, their tools and mythology into a single, stunning resource of inspiration, creation and comfort in these all too fast, all too testing times we have created for ourselves. The cards are beautiful to look at and both informative and moving when you read them. They will be gilded, accompanied by a fabulous guidebook and boxed to the highest standards. Click here for more information and a preview of a selection of cards, from Solarus Publishing…
Man Made… is the first book I have written in collaboration with Reiki Master and Author, Gaetano Vivo. It is a ‘self-help’ book primarily for men, looking to address and overcome the issues that face the males in this day and age. From mental and physical health – running the gauntlet of the associated emotional challenges – through to work, finance and relationship matters, this guide gives practical, no-nonsense help, advice and options to change our circumstances for the the better, forever. Watch this space for more information on its worldwide release.

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This site acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of Australia and pays respect to Elders, past and present, of all lands across the globe.

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